100% Design, London, 2015

Last week, we (the design team at Preferred Spaces) visited the 100% Design exhibition at Olympia in London.


Before we even entered the venue we were instantly greeted with a free coffee and slice of cake on a transformed red London double-decker bus, courtesy of Havwoods. Being massive fans of of both coffee and cake we knew it was going to be a good day. They had the great idea of turning the downstairs into a coffee shop and using the upstairs to showcase their products.


Bustling with industry enthusiasts, Olympia London was full of stunning pieces of furniture, lighting, kitchens, workspace ideas and so much more. There was a mass of tactile things to touch and feel (a designers dream) meaning that we could really get to grips with what was on offer. We didn’t know where to start – we were like children in a candy shop!

Kat 1

There were an abundance of new products for us to see – particularly impressive was the Beatnik Sound Station Chair which cocooned us, it is designed to drown out any background noise with it’s built in speakers, it provides a unique way of experiencing music.


Spacestor were a very welcome surprise, launching their unique combination of storage and furniture. Their new style has set them apart from the crowd and we are looking forward to working closely with Spacestor once again. Storage is often an issue in the workplace and their designs and innovations look to eliminate this problem by incorporating storage into everyday furniture.

kat 5

Walking around the exhibition it was impossible not to notice the BuzziSpace exhibition. Seeing the vast array of their best products all together at once was a great experience, and something that could not be fully appreciated otherwise.

kat 10 kat 8

As always: so many things to see and never enough time, but we’re already looking forward to visiting the exhibition again next year. In fact, it was that good that we even missed our train home!

lat 3   kat 9 kat 4  kat 7  kat 2

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