What We Do

  • PLAN

    We plan meticulously to ensure that quality shines through all aspects of your project.


    Our team will produce designs with engineering and procurement in mind as we move through the stages of your project.


    We will communicate and engage with you fully throughout all stages of the project.


    Only the best materials are used for our fit-outs, and always delivered and installed on time.


    We work with local and national suppliers to plan your furniture and advise on finishes, colour and texture.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves on the personal and committed approach we take to completing work for our clients. Every project is unique and we tailor our approach to suit you and your business’s needs.


We aim to present to you a solution that pleases and impresses your clients, and one that your staff will be proud to be a part of.


We understand the values that your company is based on and our team will work within that framework to create an environment that is efficient, welcoming and inspires confidence in every single person who crosses the threshold.


We recognise though that there is far more to your project than simply creating a “designer look” to the space. A good-looking environment counts for nothing if the people that are to use it are uncomfortable in their new surroundings.

Our Vision

Our vision is that Preferred Spaces will be a responsible company that conducts its business to such high standards that others will use these to measure their own achievements. We will be seen as a company that provides superlative product solutions that are a reflection of our imaginative, creative and lateral thought processes.

  • People

    Our people will enjoy coming to work in an environment that values their efforts and achievements and who will be inspired every day to be the best that they can be.

  • Partners

    Relationships will be developed with both suppliers and customers that will be mutually beneficial, ensuring that all enjoy the best value possible.

  • Planet

    Consideration will be given at all times to the preservation and protection of our natural world. All of our waste materials will be 100% recyclable or, if not, will be biodegradable.

  • Profitability

    We will provide the best value for our customers, stakeholders, staff, and suppliers, adopting ethical policies to ensure that all of our partners are treated equally and with total consideration.

  • Productivity

    We will adopt best business practices to ensure that our company is efficient, has minimal overheads and operates with total flexibility at all times.